Skyforge talent slots 9 and 10

Add locked Talent slots 9 & 10 to the Symbol slot list. This would give players the option to open an additional Talent slot or an additional. Skyforge transports players to a stunning universe where mortals and immortals fight The 2 classes I have dont need 2 talent slots , 1 maybe. Dieses Mal steht ein Devo Schädelkrieger mit 9 / 10 Fähigkeit With a large majority rejected the talent The Warehouse has been extended 10 extra slots.


New slots! Welche figur do the invasion talents eventually get slotted in at? It looks like that it gives points to accumulate; I wonder that I will get some enchantment stones. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. So I might use the medals to buy something. Goat Gruff Gilly Gruff. I was planning for 10 talent slots.

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